What We Do

From brainstorming an idea to storyboarding the script to animating the completed scenes to adding audio to delivery, 3D Technical Animation has the ability and expertise.

3D Modeling and Animation:

3D Technical Animation has the experience you need to illustrate your point, communicate your message, or explain a complex process. We create 3D animated graphics that are highly technical and precise for the legal, medical, architecture, manufacturing, engineering, design, and advertising industries.

Story Telling:

Animating is story telling, and story telling is communicating. Animations can explain, educate, persuade, and simplify ideas.


Animating is the art of sharing observations. A great animator must be able to focus on the big picture and the details simultaneously.


We work with you and any experts you have involved to deliver a finished animation that will educate, communicate, persuade, and be memorable. We become an integral part of your team during the process.

We invite you to view our portfolio pages listed below:

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