Legal Animation

We’ve all heard, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” Our experience says, “An animation is worth 13 million dollars.” We created an animation for one of our law firm clients that settled for 13 Million dollars because the other side did not want the animation to be seen by a jury. That’s results.

We help attorneys settle their cases faster, and we help them receive larger settlements.

We make the complex easy to understand.

Great for illustrating cases involving:

  • auto, tractor-trailer, and motorcycle accidents
  • medical malpractice
  • wrongful death
  • defective products
  • slip and fall injuries, brain injuries
  • construction site accidents
  • negligence
  • explosions/burns
  • physics and ballistics

Over Hill Collision Animation

Truck and Knee Animation

Printing Press Accident Animatino

Not Enough Coumadin

Car collision
over a blind hill

Trucking accident
leads to a knee injury

A printing press
with a rewired
safety switch

A medical malpractice
case wirh too much
Coumadin prescribed


Incorrect wiring installation causes child electrocution

Rear End  collision from a dump truck

Rear End  collision from a dump truck


Faulty wiring
installation causes
child electrocution

Dump truck rear end
collision with a
roll through stop

ACDF (Anterior Cervical Disc Fusion) back surgery resulting from a car accident


Over 90% of legal cases using our exhibits have either been settled out of court or won in court. With an understanding of motion dynamics, physics, mechanics and other disciplines, We are able to create the visuals with the details necessary to illustrate your experts’ analysis.

3D animation allows the viewing of a process, event, medical procedure, and/or mechanical device from varying points of view, including those that are not possible in any other way; such as from inside the human body or inside a machine. These exhibits can be played from a DVD, laptop, PowerPoint presentation, iPhone, or iPad. High resolution and large format prints can also be made from the visuals.

3D animation is not just for the huge legal cases anymore. We have provided animations for budgets as small as $1,500. Whatever your budget, call or email today to get a quote from 3D Technical Animation.

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